Home Gym Equipment Fitness Training Belt TRX Suspension Trainer

Home Gym Equipment Fitness Training Belt TRX Suspension Trainer


The P3-3 is exceptionally durable and designed for avid users and fitness professionals alike. Elevate your fitness with our performance-oriented sling designs, tested by athletes and trusted by professional trainers to handle the demands of high-volume training. Its unique and durable design creates every movement you’ll find in the gym and uses your body weight as power to get you going in motion and in life — changing the challenge just by changing the angle.

Reasons for choosing it:

  • Athlete Tested and Proven
  • Installs in seconds
  • The locking catch clips onto the anchor of choice
  • Locking loop design keeps strap even
  • Adjustable straps fit all movements and heights
  • Adjustable footrests to meet customer needs
  • Durable rubber handle for high-volume training
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Perfect Strength, Cardio, Mobility All in One
  • Accommodates all fitness levels, change angle to adjust your resistance level
  • Comes with everything you need to workout anywhere – at home or on the go.

Our PRO Training Strap System provides world-class work outto improve strength, and endurance balance foreveryone regardless of your fitness level. It is fun and you will geteffective workouts in as little as 15 minutes a day to transform theway you feel and look.
Your progression is unlimited! Just by moving your hands andfeet you can change the resistance and difficulty of theworkouts

Total body strength resistance training
Strength resistance training gym equipment is suitable for all levels of people to meet all fitness goals. You can work out your arms, legs, chest, shoulders, abs, back, and butt to great effect. It can give you resistance training and a full-body strength workout without monthly gym fees or expensive equipment.

Indoor and Outdoor Resistance Training
All-in-one total body strength resistance training kit with door anchors and extension straps. You can use this bodyweight trainer kit with horizontal bars, walls, doors, sturdy beams, weight racks, weight bag holders, railings, trees, fences, or any solid and safe object for exercise and aerial yoga tran.

High-quality sports equipment
Our full body home resistance training kit is made of high quality polyester and high density heavy duty nylon. The high-density non-slip sports handle is also equipped with a high-quality soft non-slip rubber handle for stronger grip. Highest grade zinc alloy heavy-duty latch for durability.

Resistance Training Kit
The resistance training kit is equipped with a tension rope*1, a safety door buckle*1, an extension strap*1, an auxiliary strap*1, a sports mesh bag*1, an Allen wrench*, and an instruction manual*1.

We ship from our US warehouse and can deliver in 3-5 business days if it is not a remote area.
Wish you a happy shopping.

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 5 cm

Yellow Black, Army Green, Pink


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