Toddler Bed Rail Guard for Kids
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Toddler Bed Rail Guard for Kids


A safe and practical toddler bed rail for any bed type
With this practical toddler bed rail securely fastened to any bed, your toddler will sleep safely and comfortably all night long – which means you can sleep peacefully, too!

Easy to attach to any bed
Our bed rails feature a universal design that ensures it attaches securely to any size bed. The unique three-way connection system comes with Velcro for attaching the slatted base, adjustable straps to hold the box spring in place, and screws for attaching the wooden base. It’s designed to fit all types of beds, from convertible cribs to king-size mattresses and everything in between!


No lumps or bumps in the bed
Installing bed rails is silly and will end up making your child toss and turn all night Don’t worry, we thought of that. Our mattresses come with nice flat iron bars underneath to effectively remove those uncomfortable lumps and bumps. The soft side pads also help promote a good night’s rest.

Quick, DIY Installation
Think you’ll have to call a handyman or really test your DlY skills to install these rails? Think again. Our bed rail system is very easy to install, with no special tools or equipment required. We include everything. There’s also a 5 minute video instruction guide to make installation even easier.

When you know your child is sleeping soundly
You’ll also enjoy a better night’s sleep. So make sure your child uses a toddler bed rail that is safe, sturdy, and attaches to any bed type.
Thanks to its stylish design, this is something you’ll want to have in your child’s bedroom.

Buy the right bed rail for your toddler

Built by our family for your family
We created it out of necessity. As parents, we were tired of using low-quality, unsafe baby products. We believed we could do better, so we embarked on a mission to give baby products a much-needed makeover.

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 15 × 30 × 40 cm


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