Shampoo Soap Shampoo Hair Reverse Shampoo Bar
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Shampoo Soap Shampoo Hair Reverse Shampoo Bar


Why use a shampoo bar?
Traditional shampoos are harsh on hair. They use strong detergents that strip the hair of its natural protective oils. Ingredients are then added to give the hair a shine for a healthy look. Unfortunately, after a while, this can lead to thinning hair that requires more intervention.
Traditional shampoo bottles create a lot of plastic waste. Plastic, on average takes 450 YEARS to decompose! What’s the best way to reduce plastic waste? By getting rid of plastic completely, of course!

A plethora of scalp and hair problems lead to multiple scalp problems

🌱All the ingredients in our shampoo bar has been carefully chosen for their nourishing benefits. They clean without stripping your hair of their natural protective oils. This allows your hair to stay cleaner and healthier for longer. Everyone wants a fresh and glowing hair. Who wouldn’t? All-natural soaps “”naturally”” help enhance your natural beauty.🌱

Salon grade shampoo bars cleanse, revitalize and replenish hair with shine, body and bounce.
Salon grade conditioner bars nourish, repair and moisturize hair.

We start with how long do shampoo bars last?
According to the facts, 1 shampoo bar is equivalent to 2 normal sized shampoo bottles. Each normal sized shampoo bottle contains 16 ounces of liquid. This means about 38 washes (if we use a standard tablespoon amount). And 1 shampoo bar can be washed 65-80 times, depending on length and usage.
We have shampoos and conditioners for all hair types, including curly hair, color treated hair, gray hair and hair with sensitive skin.

With natural ingredients, reduced to a water-free handheld concentrate in zero-waste packaging, you have an essential bathroom product that is sustainable at its core. Our shampoo concentrate and conditioner bars are carefully crafted with the highest quality ingredients that nature has to offer. Thoughtfully formulated, nutrient-rich botanicals and oils cleanse hair, balance the scalp, and deeply nourish hair without adding to landfills and polluting our precious oceans.

HOW TO USE SHAMPOO: Simply rub and shampoo with your hands or massage directly into your hair and scalp, rinse and then use our conditioner bar. Store on a dry soap dish, not in water.

Regain your hair’s clean, silky glow

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Dimensions 4 × 4 × 3 cm

Blossom, Driftwood, Lavender, Mint, Jasmine, Rosemary


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