Envelope pillow rayon solid color satin pillowcase
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Envelope pillow rayon solid color satin pillowcase


Do you know? When you want to sleep, you can stay cool. No more tossing and turning on sweaty nights looking for that elusive pillowside coolness. With a pillowcase, you can be protected from every possible angle.

What could be better than a pillowcase we designed to work wonders for your hair, skin and overall health while you sleep?

Sleep Better, Sleep Cooler and Wake Up With Clear Skin and Beautiful Hair!

Take your hair from monotonous to beautiful
No more “messy” or tired hair! Say goodbye to dryness and tangles! Enjoy more efficient mornings and styling. Takes your hair from ordinary to extraordinary. It does this by preventing the pulling of ordinary pillowcases. Plus, the non-absorbent surface helps retain your hair’s naturally occurring oils. Whether your hair is straight or tousled, your hair will thank you for blessing it with the gentle care of silk.

When my head hits the pillow, it feels like my whole body is collectively exhaling. The pillowcase is just the right amount of slippery without pulling my hair, leaving pillow marks on my cheeks, or trapping heat throughout the night.


Pillowcases are handmade. We spend countless hours prototyping, testing and using to ensure the highest quality and durability of our products.

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Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 50 × 91 × 2 cm

Beige, Dark gray, Coral pink, black, sky blue, navy blue, light green, Light gray, bean sand, Burgundy, dark green, Blue Green, PinkPurple, Carbon gray, Orange, Gold, Jade powder


S50*66cm*2, Q50*75cm*2, SK51*91cm*2