Independence Day LED Lighting Flag Event Decoration New Year’s Decoration

Independence Day LED Lighting Flag Event Decoration New Year’s Decoration


When the sun goes down give all of your guests a beautiful show. All of your guests will be in awe when this LED American Flag lights up. Whether you set it up on the side of the house or outside your pool you can’t go wrong. There are 420 lights in total and this beautiful decor is waterproof.

Every year we pay tribute to the contributions of the workers who have made our country prosperous. From Labor Day decorations to great barbecues, this national flag LED light curtain is suitable for every Labor Day party event. Can proudly celebrate your family and friends.

Coincidentally this time of the year is also the time when summer is ending and the holiday is over. Adults back to work and children back to school.
So it is fitting that families would celebrate this holiday together before getting back to the daily grind.
So parties, barbecues, picnics, and any number of other ways one gets their families together so they can relax, reminisce, and wind down their summer holidays. As well as celebrate the contributions that are made to our country via our immense workforce.

Showing someone your appreciation on a national holiday would mean the world to the recipient.

Remember no thoughtful gift is too small…

This USA flag lights with 420 super bright LEDs and three colors which is blue, white and red, 6.5ft*3.28ft/2m *1m High brightness LED is Cost effective, energy efficient and environmental protection and long lifetime.Clear plastic frame construction allows lights to be seen from both sides.


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